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Monday, October 31st, 2005
3:49 pm
i wonder
i feel like Maggie and Johnny aren't together anymore you guys...based on like her myspace pictures...

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
12:59 pm
Where's that Johnnys are Love color bar?
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
4:33 pm
We all need to get together soon!

i miss you guys! lots!

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
1:34 pm
Once Around the Sun...

Hey Kids...

Jerri, Eileen, Joy and I are planning to go try and see Once Around the Sun, this Thursday Night...

we're gonna try and get student tickets (i think they are 20 bucks)...

and y'all should come!

Current Mood: bitchy
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
1:47 pm
just so y'all know...
Caren Lyn is engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy...

Last night she was like Jeremy gave this to me, and we looked and it was an opal ring with diamonds around it, and then she was like yeah we’re gonna get married...apparently she’s already planned like 4 weddings, so this time she wants to elope...

Oh Caren Lyn just six months ago you told us you didn’t want to fall in love again until you were dead...
Hope this one works out for her...

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
1:55 pm
i just wanted to say...
that there are some quality people in this group...

Current Mood: amused
Monday, April 4th, 2005
12:47 am
i think...
last night in contact, Caren may have screamed out "Sebastard" but i'm not too sure...i like to think she did, and it makes me laugh...

that is all...

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:51 pm
ok fine.

 I said it.

 I didn't actually mean.

I just...



I can't talk about it...
it shocks me.. and makes me sad that I actually said it...
damnit! The things Jay is already doing to my brain!


Current Mood: shocked
Monday, March 28th, 2005
5:45 pm
Glass - Chad Richardson
One more beer and I'll go home
You can say I've gone
Well I don't like to drink alone
This all I've got
Carl at the bar
He's a friend of mine
Don't say a thing but he can see inside
He knows her name
He's heard it all the time

Everyone is all the same
With their own stories too
About the girl that went away
As they always seem to do
You make your peace
Have glass with me
Oh I believe ya friend
You were all that you could be
We'll never understand
Just why she had to leave

One more glass of sympathy
Is all I really need from you
Just tell me all the things I did
Didn't drive her away
And I'll go back
To what I really know how to do

Oh I thank God I have this place
Where therapy is free
Through the door another face
Oh he's the same as me
Sit down friend
Tell me what ya drink
You'll really be surprised
How drugs can help you think
Your head will hit the bar just before ya sink

One more glass of sympathy
Is all I really need from you
Just tell me all the things I did
Didn't drive her away
And I'll go back
To what I really know how to do
Know how to do
Know how to do
Without you everything you want in a man is gone
Everything you want in a man is gone
Everything you want in a man is gone
Everything you want in a man is gone
12:24 pm
Rent Softball Team...
also from our convo last night...

Zoebear417: remember.. how we were saying how like they'll be no one on the rent softball team this year..
Zoebear417: i think jay may do it
Andibeth82: jay?
Zoebear417: cause he plays sports
Outonight11: well there ya go
Andibeth82: oh you're so predicatble i love it
Zoebear417: not that he hasm uch free time
Outonight11: it's so random u never know
Zoebear417: but umm .. hello
Outonight11: cause my girlfriend played one year
Andibeth82: i think we should make our own teams
Zoebear417: i wil be at every game
Outonight11: yeah he's very busy
Andibeth82: how hot would that be?
Outonight11: mmm
Andibeth82: eden, kendra, karmine, cary, jay, jeremy, adam
Outonight11: Colin!
Ouut2Night: jfslk;dhg;sg
Andibeth82: caren and maggie
Zoebear417: =-O
Zoebear417: colin?
Andibeth82: jay would be pitching
Zoebear417: with a bat?
Zoebear417: uh oh
Ouut2Night: ryan link
Outonight11: haha
Andibeth82: cause he's athletic
Outonight11: colin with a bat
Andibeth82: maggie's in the outfield
Outonight11: it's like my dream
Zoebear417: hehee
Andibeth82: like, screaming all crazy
Outonight11: johnny's there too
Andibeth82: running around
Ouut2Night: lol
Zoebear417: she'll be like doing cartwheels
Andibeth82: jeremy is standing on the sidelines smoking cause he's like, "i don't have to be at bat yet"
Outonight11: david santana as the team's make up/clothing artist
Zoebear417: omg
Andibeth82: kendra is trying to be athletic
Andibeth82: but she's like not succeeding
Zoebear417: umm.. cary may be there.. but umm.. i cannot picture him playing.. though i'd lke to..
Outonight11: hey my girlfriend can kick ass
Andibeth82: so she just flips her hair
Zoebear417: he'll be in the corner with his beer
Andibeth82: haha
Outonight11: colin's like playing with Kendra's hair
Ouut2Night: Maggie: COLIN THROW ME THE BALL. Colin: no eww I dont throw to crazy girls...Kendra catch. Maggie: EH YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL ANYWAY!
Andibeth82: HAHAHA
Outonight11: haha
Outonight11: karmine is running around behind a catcher's mask
Ouut2Night: LMAO
Outonight11: "jimmy do i look cute?"
Ouut2Night: hahha
Outonight11: i'm catchin square biz!
Zoebear417: "where's my hairpiece?"
Andibeth82: LOL
Outonight11: haha
Andibeth82: i can picture it!
Outonight11: my hair is attached to this baseball cap!
Zoebear417: ahhaa
Outonight11: if i lift it up
Outonight11: i got nothin!
Andibeth82: it all comes off
Andibeth82: haha
Outonight11: hahah
Ouut2Night: "Lauren go tothe east side and pick up my hair piece its getting all sweaty"
Andibeth82: NOW, BITCH
Outonight11: Eden is like belting in the outfield
Ouut2Night: lmao
Outonight11: and drunk cary sneaks up behind her
Outonight11: and like starts singing with her
Andibeth82: eden could take him
Zoebear417: haha
Outonight11: and she's like back up bitch
Outonight11: i'll have karen olivo cut u
Andibeth82: she's such a ghetto black woman
Andibeth82: HAHA
Outonight11: it's true
Outonight11: Jay is like doing stretches
Zoebear417: omg
Andibeth82: adam is being influenced by your husband...or cary...either one
Outonight11: and karmine is like running up to tackle him
Andibeth82: colin is just looking hot
Outonight11: and it's like
Outonight11: Karmine
Zoebear417: umm she may have to get through me
Zoebear417: lol
Outonight11: this isn't a tackle sport
Outonight11: what? oh i didn't know
Outonight11: hahaha
Andibeth82: HAHAHAH
Outonight11: loves it
Andibeth82: i'm saving that
Outonight11: colin is like well if karmine can tackle jay
Outonight11: can i ?
Outonight11: kendra's like no
Outonight11: tell me i'm beautiful
Ouut2Night: lol
Outonight11: shorty shorts is being all serious and trying to get everyone to play
Outonight11: and Maggie like pulls down his pants
Outonight11: lol
Zoebear417: haha
Zoebear417: shorty shorts
Zoebear417: that was the best
Ouut2Night: maggie is now picking her nails in the outfield and the bal hits her, "JOHNNY WHAT THE FUCK COME HERE PICK UP THE BALL THROW IT IM BUST WITH MY NAILS"
Outonight11: JOHNNY I"M TIRED
Outonight11: YOU PLAY FOR ME
Outonight11: then Karmine tackles Jay again
Outonight11: and Colin is like ugh
Outonight11: can't we play gay baseball
Outonight11: lol
Outonight11: kendra and colin like walk away to have their own party
Outonight11: Maggie randomly starts throwing balls during the game
Outonight11: and runs around screaming BALLS
Outonight11: and Colin is like hmm balls this game is getting better
Zoebear417: "I've got balls..."
Zoebear417: ;-)
Andibeth82: lol
Outonight11: Ryan Link is like guys let's have chocolate sauce
Ouut2Night: Colin:choclate is fattening
Outonight11: hahaha
Ouut2Night: Maggie: I LOVE CHOCOLATE
Outonight11: Kendra: it might ruin my complextion
Ouut2Night: and its smeared all over her face and hands
Outonight11: hahaha
Andibeth82: lol
Outonight11: Caren's like
Outonight11: give me some DAMN

Current Mood: creative
11:48 am
so last night while chatting with Vicki, Andrea, and Lauren...

I found some information that disturbed me...

I was looking up thing on Jay, because as most of you know he is completely my new obsession, and well, I found somewhere that he was born in 1982!

i was devastated b/c first of all, how is that even possible and how the hell am I that much older than him?! Not possible. I refused to believe, but could not find anywhere else that listed his bday...

our first clue that it was actually wrong is that it said August 1982, and Vicki had just read something the other day that his bday was March 10th.. so ok great, it's probably wrong.. but how could we know for sure what year?

after much internet research, which i'm sure none of you Johnnies will find stalkerish, since I think we've all done silly things like it...

not only did I find out that his bday is March 1978, which makes him MY age.. well a month older, but umm... yeah... address and phone number and yes, well now i do feel like a stalker.

so then vix and flower kept having me check on other people. it's sick... it's true...

but a johnny will understand!! haha

anyway... here's the site in case we ever need it again in the future for other "research" purposes!


can we just get a yay for jay! haha
i love him way too much already.. it's sick and scary!

Current Mood: predatory
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
10:35 pm
What a Johnny Easter

Andibeth82 (10:32:27 PM): it's like a johnny easter
Andibeth82 (10:32:31 PM): drunk and cracked out

Andrea and I are in the back with some Jackie Daniels.  We had more eggs but my dad, sister, and brother ate them or else I would've had all us Johnnies.

Friday, March 25th, 2005
1:56 pm
Saturday, March 12th, 2005
5:46 pm
Vix and I are at it again! Us and this Johnny business, oy!
StepBelowGlory9: haha did you love my commenet
StepBelowGlory9: maggiemaggiemaggiemaggiemaggie
StepBelowGlory9: i swear im never gonna see her again
StepBelowGlory9: and my heart is beyond broken vix
StepBelowGlory9: its so sad
Outonight11: no i loved it alot
Outonight11: don't say that
Outonight11: i won't let that happen
Outonight11: if i ever saw her walking down the street i would call u, chase her and make her talk to u
StepBelowGlory9: um please
Outonight11: using any means necessary
StepBelowGlory9: i just smiled HUGE when u said that
StepBelowGlory9: hahahah
StepBelowGlory9: i love you
Outonight11: i'd say i'd tackle her but then u'd be jealous
Outonight11: i truly believe u have not seen the last of maggie
Outonight11: i refuse
Outonight11: cause when she writes
Outonight11: My Life with Johnny the musical
Outonight11: it will be amazing and we will all go stalk her
StepBelowGlory9: HAHAHAH
StepBelowGlory9: omg
StepBelowGlory9: im peeing
Outonight11: do u love it?
StepBelowGlory9: please
StepBelowGlory9: way too much in fact ha
Outonight11: instead of johnny last namse
Outonight11: we'll make up plays maggie writes about johnny
Outonight11: la cage of johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HAHAHAHAH
Outonight11: starring and written by maggie benjamin
StepBelowGlory9: la cage au johnny
Outonight11: all johnnied up
StepBelowGlory9: lololol
StepBelowGlory9: hahahahahha
Outonight11: johnnyspray
StepBelowGlory9: JOHNNY (RENT)
StepBelowGlory9: hahahhahahahahahah
Outonight11: haha
StepBelowGlory9: this is great! keep going
Outonight11: johnny vibrations
StepBelowGlory9: les johnnyables
StepBelowGlory9: lolol
Outonight11: little johnnies
StepBelowGlory9: lol
Outonight11: johnny of the opera
StepBelowGlory9: the 80's johnny
StepBelowGlory9: LOL
Outonight11: or phantom of the johnny
Outonight11: johnnytopia
StepBelowGlory9: avenue johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HAHA
Outonight11: hahha
Outonight11: johnny in 3
StepBelowGlory9: we are soooo posting this
Outonight11: i know
Outonight11: johnnytrain
Outonight11: johnny dreams
Outonight11: or bombay johnny
StepBelowGlory9: mmm i love these!!!
Outonight11: the johnny king
StepBelowGlory9: the king and johnny
Outonight11: hahaha
StepBelowGlory9: beauty and the johnny
StepBelowGlory9: johnny and the beast
Outonight11: the sound of johnny
StepBelowGlory9: little johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HAHHA
Outonight11: johnny and the beast
StepBelowGlory9: johnny on the roof
Outonight11: is like johnny and maggie
Outonight11: haha
StepBelowGlory9: lololol
Outonight11: haha
StepBelowGlory9: seven brides for seven johnnies
Outonight11: johnny johnny boom!
Outonight11: no seven maggies for seven johnnies
Outonight11: lol
StepBelowGlory9: a johnny line
StepBelowGlory9: HAH thats great
Outonight11: that's hot
StepBelowGlory9: a chorus johnny
Outonight11: whose afraid of johnny?
StepBelowGlory9: i love this game
StepBelowGlory9: HAHAH
Outonight11: maggie maggie johnny johnny
StepBelowGlory9: johnny johnny bang bang
Outonight11: dame johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HAHAHA
Outonight11: hahaha
StepBelowGlory9: guys and johnny
StepBelowGlory9: johnny and dolls
Outonight11: Mamma Johnny
Outonight11: Johnny Mia
StepBelowGlory9: lolol
Outonight11: SpamaJohnny
StepBelowGlory9: thoroughly modern johnny
Outonight11: Movin Johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HAHAHAH
Outonight11: Johnny Out
StepBelowGlory9: johnnyLot
Outonight11: hahah loves that one!
StepBelowGlory9: hahahah
Outonight11: a streetcar named johnny
StepBelowGlory9: i love them all i wish they were my screen names!
StepBelowGlory9: haha
Outonight11: haha
Outonight11: 12 angry johnnies
Outonight11: the johnny drum song
StepBelowGlory9: hahahah
StepBelowGlory9: footjohnny
StepBelowGlory9: johnnyloose
Outonight11: haha
Outonight11: bye bye johnny
StepBelowGlory9: anything johnny
Outonight11: johnny pan
StepBelowGlory9: johhny goes
StepBelowGlory9: hahaha
StepBelowGlory9: peter johnny
Outonight11: little shop of johnny
StepBelowGlory9: HA
StepBelowGlory9: sly johnny
Outonight11: haha
Outonight11: the last five johnnies
Outonight11: wait
Outonight11: dirty rotten johnnies!
StepBelowGlory9: ah!!!
StepBelowGlory9: thats so good!!!
Outonight11: i know!
Outonight11: johnnyln
Outonight11: brookjohnny
Outonight11: johnny superstar
Outonight11: the blue johnny group
Outonight11: i love you're johnny don't change
Outonight11: naked johnny singing
Outonight11: johnnical
StepBelowGlory9: johnnycal the musical
StepBelowGlory9: i love you youre johnny dont change
Outonight11: please it's true
Outonight11: johnny don't
Outonight11: johnnyrella
Outonight11: into the johnny

Current Mood: sad
Monday, March 7th, 2005
8:31 pm
New sleepover idea!!
Flower and I decided since sushi might not make it, we should make pizzas and ice cream sundaes. Do you love it? We can all have our own topping. What do you guys think?

Current Mood: exhausted
2:35 pm
Please, of course.

You will live in Shack.
You will drive a Red A cow.
You will marry Jeffrey and have 2 kids.
You will be a Lawyer in San Diego.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
10:42 pm
Johnny's quiz
I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!
Saturday, February 26th, 2005
6:02 pm
it matters to me...
looking at these pictures made me laugh, so i thought they might make you laugh...a good high school production of Aida is always sexy...


Current Mood: amused
Friday, February 25th, 2005
10:48 pm
Alright ladies...
So I decided to play around a bit... having no idea what I am doing, but I attempted to make our Johnnies Color Bar...

it's not very good, for some reason some pictures tint better than others, depending on the color and all, but I tried... if i can get it any better I'll post a new one, but for now this is all I have...

the really difficult part was to make a tint for Jen and Kristen, white gold and silver... b/c everytime I tried to make a silverly gray color it came out REALLY shitty... so this is all I have for now...

sorry if it sucks...

Current Mood: blah
6:59 pm
G-D damnit Johnny!
He's hiding from us, that bastard. We have to find him! And make a sexy color bar. OH and we really need a "Johnnies are love" color bar and have one pic of each of us in it. It'll be sexual.
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