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Once Around the Sun...

Hey Kids...

Jerri, Eileen, Joy and I are planning to go try and see Once Around the Sun, this Thursday Night...

we're gonna try and get student tickets (i think they are 20 bucks)...

and y'all should come!

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They are $20 and I probably can't go cause I have no way to get to the train station plus Benny will like shit in the house if I leave him alone for too long.

I loved OATS and I hope you guys do....I wish I could come.

are you coming on saturday though?

I don't think so. I can't leave Benny alone for a long time plus I can't get to my station. I'm sorry.
you suck :p

glad i never ordered the tickets...
I have g-d damn class.
I volunteer at the hospital early Friday mornings, so Thursday will not work for me, unfortunately.