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Rent Softball Team...

also from our convo last night...

Zoebear417: remember.. how we were saying how like they'll be no one on the rent softball team this year..
Zoebear417: i think jay may do it
Andibeth82: jay?
Zoebear417: cause he plays sports
Outonight11: well there ya go
Andibeth82: oh you're so predicatble i love it
Zoebear417: not that he hasm uch free time
Outonight11: it's so random u never know
Zoebear417: but umm .. hello
Outonight11: cause my girlfriend played one year
Andibeth82: i think we should make our own teams
Zoebear417: i wil be at every game
Outonight11: yeah he's very busy
Andibeth82: how hot would that be?
Outonight11: mmm
Andibeth82: eden, kendra, karmine, cary, jay, jeremy, adam
Outonight11: Colin!
Ouut2Night: jfslk;dhg;sg
Andibeth82: caren and maggie
Zoebear417: =-O
Zoebear417: colin?
Andibeth82: jay would be pitching
Zoebear417: with a bat?
Zoebear417: uh oh
Ouut2Night: ryan link
Outonight11: haha
Andibeth82: cause he's athletic
Outonight11: colin with a bat
Andibeth82: maggie's in the outfield
Outonight11: it's like my dream
Zoebear417: hehee
Andibeth82: like, screaming all crazy
Outonight11: johnny's there too
Andibeth82: running around
Ouut2Night: lol
Zoebear417: she'll be like doing cartwheels
Andibeth82: jeremy is standing on the sidelines smoking cause he's like, "i don't have to be at bat yet"
Outonight11: david santana as the team's make up/clothing artist
Zoebear417: omg
Andibeth82: kendra is trying to be athletic
Andibeth82: but she's like not succeeding
Zoebear417: umm.. cary may be there.. but umm.. i cannot picture him playing.. though i'd lke to..
Outonight11: hey my girlfriend can kick ass
Andibeth82: so she just flips her hair
Zoebear417: he'll be in the corner with his beer
Andibeth82: haha
Outonight11: colin's like playing with Kendra's hair
Ouut2Night: Maggie: COLIN THROW ME THE BALL. Colin: no eww I dont throw to crazy girls...Kendra catch. Maggie: EH YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL ANYWAY!
Andibeth82: HAHAHA
Outonight11: haha
Outonight11: karmine is running around behind a catcher's mask
Ouut2Night: LMAO
Outonight11: "jimmy do i look cute?"
Ouut2Night: hahha
Outonight11: i'm catchin square biz!
Zoebear417: "where's my hairpiece?"
Andibeth82: LOL
Outonight11: haha
Andibeth82: i can picture it!
Outonight11: my hair is attached to this baseball cap!
Zoebear417: ahhaa
Outonight11: if i lift it up
Outonight11: i got nothin!
Andibeth82: it all comes off
Andibeth82: haha
Outonight11: hahah
Ouut2Night: "Lauren go tothe east side and pick up my hair piece its getting all sweaty"
Andibeth82: NOW, BITCH
Outonight11: Eden is like belting in the outfield
Ouut2Night: lmao
Outonight11: and drunk cary sneaks up behind her
Outonight11: and like starts singing with her
Andibeth82: eden could take him
Zoebear417: haha
Outonight11: and she's like back up bitch
Outonight11: i'll have karen olivo cut u
Andibeth82: she's such a ghetto black woman
Andibeth82: HAHA
Outonight11: it's true
Outonight11: Jay is like doing stretches
Zoebear417: omg
Andibeth82: adam is being influenced by your husband...or cary...either one
Outonight11: and karmine is like running up to tackle him
Andibeth82: colin is just looking hot
Outonight11: and it's like
Outonight11: Karmine
Zoebear417: umm she may have to get through me
Zoebear417: lol
Outonight11: this isn't a tackle sport
Outonight11: what? oh i didn't know
Outonight11: hahaha
Andibeth82: HAHAHAH
Outonight11: loves it
Andibeth82: i'm saving that
Outonight11: colin is like well if karmine can tackle jay
Outonight11: can i ?
Outonight11: kendra's like no
Outonight11: tell me i'm beautiful
Ouut2Night: lol
Outonight11: shorty shorts is being all serious and trying to get everyone to play
Outonight11: and Maggie like pulls down his pants
Outonight11: lol
Zoebear417: haha
Zoebear417: shorty shorts
Zoebear417: that was the best
Ouut2Night: maggie is now picking her nails in the outfield and the bal hits her, "JOHNNY WHAT THE FUCK COME HERE PICK UP THE BALL THROW IT IM BUST WITH MY NAILS"
Outonight11: JOHNNY I"M TIRED
Outonight11: YOU PLAY FOR ME
Outonight11: then Karmine tackles Jay again
Outonight11: and Colin is like ugh
Outonight11: can't we play gay baseball
Outonight11: lol
Outonight11: kendra and colin like walk away to have their own party
Outonight11: Maggie randomly starts throwing balls during the game
Outonight11: and runs around screaming BALLS
Outonight11: and Colin is like hmm balls this game is getting better
Zoebear417: "I've got balls..."
Zoebear417: ;-)
Andibeth82: lol
Outonight11: Ryan Link is like guys let's have chocolate sauce
Ouut2Night: Colin:choclate is fattening
Outonight11: hahaha
Ouut2Night: Maggie: I LOVE CHOCOLATE
Outonight11: Kendra: it might ruin my complextion
Ouut2Night: and its smeared all over her face and hands
Outonight11: hahaha
Andibeth82: lol
Outonight11: Caren's like
Outonight11: give me some DAMN
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